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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Waze help with real-time information for maps of IOS 6

Waze help with real-time information for maps of IOS 6

For a moment we feared that had its days numbered because of new social applications that have the maps that has prepared for 6, but we are glad to know that things are looking good for this community of traffic information in real time which was considered by the people of Cupertino as one of the sources that deliver data to enrich the driving experience of the users of this new integrated system in the coming mobile operating system of the apple.

With Waze, Apple ensures the assistance of one of the sources used to get traffic conditions around the world, who will join Getchee, Localeze, Urban Mapping, LeadDog, Intermap, and to create a network extremely accurate information, and help users to improve navigation IOS back-to-back from their computers.

This makes us look forward to confirmation as to whether transit service is available worldwide, given the global reach that Waze currently has, and provides an important support for social communities based on crowdsourcing more active.

Link: Confirmed: Waze And Others Contributing To Apple’s iPhone OS 6 Maps’ Crowd Sourced Data Traffic (TechCrunch)

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