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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Waze is updated and becomes even more social

Waze is updated and becomes even more social

Who would not be compromised happened to go find someone, meet a huge traffic jam and fail at the schedule that you should follow to meet up with this person? If you are part of this group, you know that the worst part is this in particular … The worst is when they get all the calls in your passenger – father, mother, girlfriend, co-workers – began to make anxious to know where you are and what holds you back on the road.

Thinking about this, app now incorporating the option to share your geographic location, your speed and estimated time of arrival with other devices, allowing you to have complete control of the trip the other at all times.

Even if you’re the one waiting, Waze gives you the option of sharing with others Wazeros the coordinates of where you expect to get together with them. The software will guide you through the best route to reach their destination, and – of course – know perfectly when they start coming toward you.

In addition to a change of interface and improved privacy options, the new version of Waze promises to take the routine act of driving to a new level even more social. Update in or as require.

Link: Waze makes driving even more social with Latest reread (Phandroid)

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