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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Equipments | 0 comments

What Android phone has more battery life?

What Android phone has more battery life?

(CC) Fujoshi

The creators of the app Battery Stats Plus for launched a study on the in devices with Google’s operating system, as well as to applications that spend more energy.

The graphics are based on 5585 reports made from 474 Android devices over three weeks, which was determined in 20 hours average battery life of all devices.

While the device with more battery life was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet followed by the LG Optimus Pro, the phone that surprises with a very low duration is the Samsung Galaxy Mini. How long is your phone turned on while you’re using? (Because measurements of a phone in stand-by does not make much sense to after all).

Link: Battery Stats creators Plus the best and worst log Android devices and apps in terms of battery life (

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