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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

What are alternatives to Google Play American developers?

What are alternatives to Google Play American developers?

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Ten days ago we were surprised by the news of the suspension of payments to Argentine Android developers , to the Play Store, getting run through an obscure mail sent on a Friday night, so that programmers convert their applications Free or deleted from the store.

The surprising news is that Argentina, and especially throughout Latin America, is one of the most prolific markets on developing applications for the Android platform, which did not help as even officially cleared in the reasons why this decision was made (was speculation traffic agreements to limit currency or strategy to implement your wallet Google Wallet), even if somewhat strange offered alternatives such as creating an account in another country using Wallet.

For this reason, began to seek alternatives to continue offering their products and not cutting or revenue chain or timeliness of these applications.

On site Shortcut created a very helpful list of alternative options in order to market applications both in Argentina and throughout Latin America.

Perhaps the alternative and many began to use is to publish its developments in its own website, where you can control so much simpler to download and feedback. The problem of this alternative may have to do with the low traffic site can have confidence and you have to build so that users pay a hitherto unknown site. But there are other shops or options that could save some of these impediments:


What are alternatives to Google Play American developers? image 2

In circuit applications outside Google Play Store, is the most complete SlideMe alternative. The developer can register your account for free to upload applications and has the ability to charge for their developments through a Paypal account or an international bank transfer (although in trade operations typically have fairly high tariffs) .

Payments are received within 60 days of concretized by who downloaded the app and there is a floor to exceed $ 50 in order to receive it, even if they do not get will accumulate in coming months.

Depending on the country of residence and the payment method chosen by the developer, the store will charge a sales commission. For users who are not United States must complete a tax exemption form that country.


What are alternatives to Google Play American developers? image 3

Store Another great alternative to offer free and paid applications. The account for developers and application publishing is free.

The store charges 30% of the value of sales as commission and the remaining 70% is for the developer. For non-European residents (the store has fiscal domicile in Germany), the payoff is by Paypal only with a floor to exceed U.S. $ 20 to receive payment.


What are alternatives to Google Play American developers? image 4

This store has the added value that each developer can create your own profile, not only to offer their applications but also to be contacted by proposed works. It offers Paypal and bank deposit as payment and specifying as they are sales jobs or apps, you can start building a reputation (by grades) that will then be used to show potential future customers.

If you know any other store or alternative for American developers to expand their scope and visibility for your applications, be happy to receive in the comments.

Link: Alternatives to Android developer Google Play American (Direct Access)

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