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What he lacked the iPhone 5?

What he lacked the iPhone 5?

The new 5 has just been officially launched , debuting a new design and a host of changes that significantly differ from its predecessor. But can not give you the pleasure to everyone, and in this case, the team presented several shortcomings that many expected to see were not on stage.

Clearly, there are things you can not ask the iPhone 5, as a BluRay player or toaster, however, if we can make a realistic comparison with other high end phones on the market and see what missing, especially considering that the can cost $399 in the version with 64GB of internal storage.

Wireless Charger

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 2

The Nokia introduced its newly launched Lumia 920 and 820 , showing that it is not so difficult to adopt the technology in consumer products. The idea is to deliver energy through air, without wires, via a fixture such as is shown in the picture on which rests the phone, activating the load automatically.

NFC Connectivity

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 3

Google is promoting the technology since 2010 with the Nexus S, a function that allows fast communication between mobile devices, along with help to make payments of money using your smartphone as you would a credit card.

And that is when a couple of months ago Apple showed the iOS operating system 6 , appeared an application called Passbook, which manages software at personal credentials to make payments using your phone. A chip was ideal to integrate NFC in the iPhone 5 with iOS 6, however, this did not happen and we are left with only Passbook virtual level.

FM Radio

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 4

A basic function which is present in the iPod Touch and even mobile phones so the past, from the time when they were not smart. Again, Apple skipped integrating FM radio support, a decision that at this point it is almost inexplicable.

Best Camera

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 5

The iPhone 5 released a 8 megapixel camera (MPX), like that of the iPhone 4S, its predecessor. As a consolation, the Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia Lumia 920 IIIv also have 8Mpx camera, but always disappointed not to see an improvement from a newer model over another. Nokia also promises good things with their technology PureView, while Apple only showed some improvement at apply software post-processing the images after being captured.

SD Memory Slot

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 6

The iPhone has never had this but it is something that we will finish complain because a business decision that responds only to close the platform, it forces the user to have to pay up to $ 200 just to upgrade from a computer with 16GB of internal storage of 64GB one, being that the price of SD cards is on the floor.

What is Apple A6?

What he lacked the iPhone 5? image 7

Finally, let’s play the speculation. Because Apple introduced its core processor Apple A6 on stage, however, there were very few details about it. We could say that “missed it”, but we go a step further: if the A6 had been four cores, the company had said it in the presentation, because it is a good thing to boast about. But he said, repeating only that “doubling in performance” to the iPhone 4S. And if it is boasted that quad-core, we could say, for now, it is not. So how can achieve double performance? Just jumping in terms of architecture generation for ARM processors. And there is only one company that currently provides next-generation chips ARM (Cortex-A15): Qualcomm.

This would mean that Apple A6 is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, only alternative that could double Apple A5 performance without quad core. Then, we would be facing a controversy: Apple would completely abandoned Samsung to manufacture the CPU, which adds to recent reports that speak of Hynix takes care of NAND flash memory chips for mass storage, rather than Samsung, who he used to.

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