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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Applications, Featured | 0 comments

“What I cook today?” Application prominently in holiday week

just passed and we already do for other important time … New Year’s dinner. What to eat? What ingredients to use? and, above all, how to prepare a perfect dinner?. In here highlight this week ” What I cook today? “, free app that helps you decide what and how to cook, easily and fairly” help “.

The program basically consists of over 3000 recipes you can display without the need to connect to the network, and what you can learn without having to read, yes, without reading, because it has a play mode where you can listen to instructions, but as we are used to freemium, here for each “voice” you must cancel 99 cents.

The search mode is three forms: the recipe title, ingredients (you can take what you have on hand in your refrigerator) and group (meat, vegetables, dessert).


With a simple interface and foolproof, “What I cook today?” Is a great alternative when you are hungry and you lack imagination.

The only drawback is the publicity it brings, but by another 99 cents, you can remove it permanently.

We remind you that the application is free on Play Store , App Store and App World for Blackberry.

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