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Where withdraw lawsuit accusing Nokia of lying

Where withdraw lawsuit accusing Nokia of lying

To date, the name of Robert Chmielinski meant a headache for Nokia. This man, who owns shares in the company, had sued because he said they had been lied to investors about the number of Sales that took Lumia series phones, which was a boost of optimism to put some on the table of the Finnish company.

While the lawsuit was, Chmielinski was convinced that had lied, but all that’s in the past for today, with the publication of a short press release reporting on the withdrawal of the charges without giving further details about the reason for the decision, however, indicated that the process was not paying money to be made, so that the output of the plaintiff may have been voluntary.

Did he not realize that actually lied? Or was the recent rise in the stock price motivation? Perhaps the various promises and plans for the future Nokia ? Only time will tell if the company achieved up economically.

Link: Lawsuit That Lied About CLAIMED Nokia Lumia resolved salts (Neowin)

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