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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Design, Tablets | 0 comments

Will see a Sony tablet designed NXT?

Will see a Sony tablet designed NXT?

is fast approaching, and as that happens we see begin to leak some of the most interesting products of the alignment of the relevant manufacturers will make their world premiere at this appointment of consumer electronics.

Some time ago we told of his plans to renew line of tablets, bringing it closer to the Design protocols currently used by the Japanese company, and after seeing some sketches, today we can see the first images of what could be a final product, which would make his arrival to world markets in Berlin technological appointment.

According to sources reporting this, the screen of this equipment would be of a size of about 7 inches, and although no one knows the actual feasibility of such a team could be in line with the reality of a market demand for consumption content in a more maneuverable … That, with a really striking design and leaving the common canon.

Is this the Xperia Tablet or this is a product for which we had no idea? Personally, I think it is very likely that Sony launched this and not want to stay down the boom of small tablets … We’ll see what comes out in Germany later in the week.

Link: Sony prepping a tablet with Xperia NXT design? (XPERIABlog)

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