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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Operating Systems, Security, SmartPhones | 3 comments

Windows Phone 8 would have been cracked by a 16 year old boy

Windows Phone 8 would have been cracked by a 16 year old boy

In India there are some very talented young people with a computer. Perhaps unsurprisingly so much the story of Shantanu Gawde, a 16-year-old known as the youngest ethical hacker in his country, which claims to have cracked 8.

While many have questioned this achievement, Gadwe himself has said that his method shown to infect computers and steal Windows Phone contact information, data, passwords and even images stored inside. This demonstration will be conducted as part of a major convention in New Delhi, where – insurance – more than someone from will be taking note of any Problems they encounter to parcharlos shortly.

Shantanu Gadwe not a novice on Microsoft platforms. In fact, the Redmond company certified it as an application developer at the early age of 7 years.

The convention where all will be revealed on November 23. There just know the real scope of this potential threat.

Link: 16-year-old Claims To Have Cracked Windows Phone 8 (PhoneArena)

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  1. it’s all fake ………. how can a 7 years boy can become a microsoft certified application programmer. he might be studying in class 2 or 3 and even don’t know to write a proper english sentence…………… the hell is this possible?………..


    • Are you stupid? the article clearly said that he is 16 not 7 and im only 15 and a minor windows hacker myself…

      • Hi,

        Can you please teach me how to do hacking..
        i am very much interested but dont know how to start n whome to contact.

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