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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Windows Phone Marketplace has over 125,000 apps

Windows Phone Marketplace has over 125,000 apps

Good news for just before the release of its next mobile platform, 8. The last count of apps in the disclosed that there are currently more than 125,000 apps – and increasing – although there are only 113,170 ready to download right now from 60 countries.

It has been a long and interesting developments in just over two years when the operating system went from 2000 to this remarkable figure, despite having a higher growth rate than the App Store sometime this speed was reduced and reversing the trend ended. Keep growing faster than Google Play, anyway.

A constant theme is troubling on any platform downloadable material quality: According figures, 13.8% of the total number of apps are considered “quality” in markets like the U.S.. This refers to applications evaluated at least 5 times with 4 or more stars.

Of the applications, 69% are free, 22% is paid and payment is 10% but provides a useful trial to assess whether or not we want to acquire.

Want more details on these figures? All About Windows Phone has a super report based on its own set of statistics .

Link: 125.000 apps published to Windows Phone Marketplace (AAWP)

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