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WWDC 2012: Some statistics about IOS

WWDC 2012: Some statistics about IOS

Also related to the mobile world, during the 2012 event that we are following here , has just spoken on the figures surrounding its mobile operating system IOS.

First, it was said that until March of this year have sold no less than 350 million devices with this platform, whether iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, to attract the developer community with this vast ecosystem. Here are launching an unprovoked attack on Google’s Android, as it becomes clear that 80% of users of mobile products Apple uses iOS 5, so you do not have the problem of “fragmentation” of competition, whose clients are distributed among several versions of the platform, making it difficult to work of those who create applications and must support them all.

WWDC 2012: Some statistics about IOS image 2

There are also 140 million IMessage service users who send messages 150,000 million while since I joined Twitter IOS was recorded three times social network users on the Apple platform, where you have generated 10,000 million ” tweets. “

Finally we talked about Game Center, a service that has 130 million accounts created and where scores sent 5,000 million weekly, revealing the relative success of the platform.

WWDC 2012 (The Verge)
WWDC 2012 (Engadget)

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