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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Curiosities | 0 comments

Young sues her parents for spy from your mobile and computer

Young sues her parents for spy from your mobile and computer

Another family broken by the use of spyware! A 21 year old parents sued for spying on their movements remotely using hidden programs on your phone and computer.

The girl, named Aubrey Ireland, is alive because of his studies in Ohio, 965 miles from the home of his parents, who wanted to ensure the “honor and decency” of her daughter remotely accusing it of having a mental illness debauchery and their lifestyle. So insistent was that the university had to get them out of the campus – and keep them off – with guards.

After that, his parents approved Ireland could control it this way so his actions prove them was sincere and well-meaning, something that – in the long run – ended up causing the opposite effect and resulted in the first action in the form of a restraining order , which was approved by the court and allow the girl to avoid contact with their one year old.

Obviously, the woman’s parents were not going to be quiet, and filed a counterclaim for damages that would allow them to recover USD $ 66,000 of the money given to pay for college and living expenses, which was denied by the court.

Parents refused to continue paying for college. Given the same, the home of studies funded academic spending this girl for the rest of his career, marking a definitive break – simply – eventually disintegrate perhaps a family with very overprotective parents. How far is valid wanting to know what our core nearby? Some people just do not know when enough is enough concern.

Link: Parents stalk daughter in college with tracking software installed on her Smartphone (KnowYourCell)

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