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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

ZTE U.S.: Prohibit everything is made in China to be safely

ZTE U.S.: Prohibit everything is made in China to be safely

“This is the only way to protect the American teams and the national security of the United States,” the company said.

After the Intelligence Committee U.S. Congress qualify to Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei as “a security risk” in the country, the company went to answer it if you think is so dangerous, should be eliminated all devices manufactured there. Something that would leave U.S. virtually nothing because at this point, everything is made in China.

The company spokesman, Dai Shu said in a statement: “It is noteworthy that, after a year of research, the Committee supports its findings that may not be ‘free from state influence.” This idea would apply to any company operating in China. committee has questioned the ability of ZTE to serve the U.S. market based on any pattern of unethical or illegal behavior. “

The company insists that their computers are safe, and they say, are “the Chinese telecommunications company more transparent, independent, global and publicly traded.”

“Given the severity of the Committee’s recommendations, ZTE recommends that research be expanded to include all companies that manufacture equipment in China, including Western companies. This is the only way to protect American teams and national security United States, “the company said.

According to the U.S. Congress, and ZTE could be manufacturing telecommunications equipment with “backdoors” that allow access to Chinese hackers to obtain information from U.S. companies, in addition to acts of cyberterrorism. The Committee suggested to opt for other teams “safer” and called block acquisitions or mergers of these Chinese companies.

ZTE’s Equipment is Safe and Poses no Threat to U.S. Telecommunications Infrastructure (ZTE)
Congress accuses ZTE and Huawei to be a risk to internal security (mobilenewspedia)

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